Why choose The Tuition Network?

Many large agencies fill up their books with tutors for whom teaching is just a necessary stop-gap to pay the bills while looking to pursue other career directions. However for all the tutors in The Tuition Network teaching is something for which they have a real passion and commitment.

Some of our tutors are qualified teachers with years of classroom experience, others have extensive experience in private tutoring. All have excellent academic qualifications. What we feel really distinguishes us though is our tailored approach to helping students overcome difficulties and succeed in realising their potential.

Our work with students is always based on thorough assessment of their current level of attainment and identifying any underlying conceptual difficulties that are hindering their progress. Teaching our students 1:1 enables us to build the rapport that makes them comfortable to say when they don’t understand something and confident to ask any questions they have. Tutoring sessions are relaxed and informal, providing a very different learning environment to school.

The Tuition Network are able to cater for students with a wide range of ages, abilities and learning requirements and have experience preparing students for an extensive variety of examinations. Our students come with vast differences in their learning needs from those who are struggling with the basics of the subject to those who need challenging and extending. We have also gained experience tutoring students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, autistic spectrum disorders, deafness and other special needs such as behavioural difficulties.

Working individually with students enables us to make rapid progress through the curriculum within a short space of time, but we also ensure that students get enough practice to consolidate their understanding. We support students to take a systematic approach to revision and for students preparing for exams the coaching we provide in exam technique can make all the difference in achieving the grade they want.

We aim to support students to take ownership of their own learning as much as possible, offering advice on study techniques and helping them to pinpoint the areas where they most need help. Our tutors also communicate effectively with parents, keeping them informed of progress and being available to discuss this in person, by phone or via email.

We believe that confidence is crucial to academic success and that enabling students to see their own potential can lead to dramatic improvements in performance. As tutors it is of course our role to give clear explanations and break down concepts in a way that makes them easy to grasp. But at the Tuition Network we also see it as a vital part our job to help students to be able to genuinely enjoy the subjects we teach.