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Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

MA in Psychology and a BA in Philosophy. Former Secondary School teacher specialising in Philosophy, Religious Education and History

£55 per 50 minute session. Group sessions available.

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My name is Charlie and I am a successful therapist specialising in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy (qualifying with Distinction) with an MA in Psychology and a BA in Philosophy. I am also a former Secondary School teacher specialising in Philosophy, Religious Education and History.

During my time as a teacher I noticed how many students (on all levels of the academic spectrum) were underachieving due to a variety of psychological blocks including issues such as anxiety and stress all the way through to more basic and easily correctable oversights, such as simply not reading the question!

I noticed, over my years in education, how students, parents and teachers became frustrated by the fact that a lot of hard work was being nullified through self-defeating behaviours and once I moved into the areas of psychotherapy/hypnotherapy I realised just how many students and parents were determined to adjust such behaviours.

What I am able to offer, through both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, is a slight alteration in subconscious view on examinations, the future and even specific examination questions and, through doing so, enhance results. The students that I’ve worked with often comment that, having worked with me, they are able to relax and allow the education that they’ve absorbed to come to the forefront enabling them to work to their full potential.

One to One

Tuition is either face to face, or online via Skype and ‘virtual whiteboard’ software. We always conduct our teaching personally and on a ‘one-to-one’ basis.


The results our students achieve show that our approach can make all the difference in helping students overcome difficulties and succeed in realising their potential, and our testimonials speak for themselves.

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