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English / Politics / Sociology / History

11+ maths & English, English Language, citizenship, government & politics, sociology (all to GCSE), English Literature, history and politics (all to A-level), politics (Undergraduate).

from £65.00 per hour. Based in Kings Cross, willing to travel.

Limited spaces available, please enquire now:

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My passion for academia was recognised with the scholarships I was awarded for both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Kings College London. I have always enjoyed seeking knowledge across the different academic subjects which I have had the opportunity to study and I am determined to instil the same curiosity and hunger into my students. Literature and the humanities mould your character, developing your ability to understand, construct and articulate well-reasoned arguments. One to one support with complex essay based subjects are often what is needed to really unlock the potential we all hold.

I have tutored a range of students from primary school to undergraduate level. I believe my quirky and enthusiastic personality allows me to make a swift connection with all my students. I can create the ideal learning environment for students by catering to the gaps in their knowledge as well as clarifying and consolidating existing understandings of content within the subjects.

I can relate to my students very well as learning is a journey and none of us ever really stops being a student, so I seek to build friendly yet professional relationships and to make learning and teaching as comfortably productive as possible.