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Maths & Sciences

BSc (Hons) Physics, PhD Physics, Selwyn College, Cambridge.
Maths all levels to A-level, science to GCSE, physics A-level

£60.00 to £75.00 per hour. Based in Islington; lessons at my home or online via Skype

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I have over 20 years tutoring experience, having first started teaching 11+ and GCSE students while studying at Manchester University. I went on to gain invaluable experience from giving tutorials to undergraduates while doing my PhD at Cambridge. Then after taking a number of different career directions, with tutoring as something I did on the side, in 2006 I chanced upon full-time tutoring, only to find it was the most rewarding and enjoyable job I could imagine doing.

While maths always came easily to me I know from personal experience that without the right support and motivation students can fail to fulfil their potential. When I was at school at a failing comprehensive in a deprived area of Manchester, I was unmotivated and too busy playing cricket – and consequently did very badly in my GCSEs.

Realising that I was never going to make it as a professional cricket player the reality dawned on me that I’d better do re-sits and then try and get some A-levels. What made all the difference to my future was one truly inspirational Physics teacher at my sixth-form college who helped to set me on a new pathway, eventually winning a place at Selwyn College, Cambridge to do my PhD at the famous Cavendish Labs, home of numerous Nobel laureates.

I genuinely love science and maths and believe they are a vital part of everyone’s education. They are also directly relevant to a huge variety of careers. For instance after my PhD I spent 3 years working at a hedge fund where my job involved applying my mathematical skills to trade equity pairs using statistical arbitrage.

In my current role as a tutor what I find exciting is the diversity of students I get to work with and the challenge of tailoring my teaching to each individual’s needs. I have gained a wide variety of tutoring experience across different ages, abilities and backgrounds, and preparing students for a large range of examinations. The most important thing I have learnt over the years is that there is no such thing as an ‘average’ student and with the right support and motivation everyone is capable of success.

One to One

Tuition is either face to face, or online via Skype and ‘virtual whiteboard’ software. We always conduct our teaching personally and on a ‘one-to-one’ basis.


The results our students achieve show that our approach can make all the difference in helping students overcome difficulties and succeed in realising their potential, and our testimonials speak for themselves.